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The Best ==>CPR Classes<== & CPR Training In Southern ... Riverside County and San Bernardino County ...==>Basic life support (BLS) <== is the level of medical care   First Aid  CPR Classes, BLS, Healthcare Provider, CPR and More, Healthcare. Rancho Cucamo

BLS Express CPR

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Q. How do I sign up online?
A. 1.  Click on the register bar and choose the class you want to take.
   2.  Then choose the date and time you want to come in.
   3.  Register and pay through Paypal using your debit or credit card.
   4.  When your payment is complete, a receipt will be generated and sent to you via email.
         That's your confirmation of the purchase and enrollment of your class.
   5.  Show up to the class and get certified the same day!!! (After passing Exam )

Q. Where are the classes held?
A. Please check the location when you register

B. Most of the classes are at “360 e 7th street suite  “o”  Upland, CA 91786”
C. Group Class at your house OR office
D. Group Class at your preschool /Daycare

Q. I've left messages and no one has returned my call or answered my email?
A. Please be patient with our abilities to return phone calls or answer e-mails. We get many calls and 
emails. We may be on the other line with a customer or in a training session. We will get back to you as 
soon as possible. 

Q. How many years  is the certification from the American Heart Association good for?
A. 2 years.

Q. Can anyone take a CPR class?
A. Yes.

Q. Do all employers require CPR Certification?
A. No, but most of people working in the medical field, government and some private sectors are required to have a CPR Certification through the American Heart Association.

Q. How long are the CPR classes?
A. It may vary on the type of class you choose or required to take. Classes can vary from 2 hours to 8 hours.

Q. Do I need to buy a book?
A. YES! American Heart Association guidelines requires for everyone taking an AHA course approved to purchase a book. Students who already have a book with the current guidelines are EXEMPT  from purchasing a new book. You can purchase a book through us at the door on the day of the class. The cost is $13-15 per book.

Q. Who is required to take BLS HCP Certification?
A. Basic Life support for Health Care Providers is required by the State of California for EMS Personnel, physician assistants, Doctors, CNA's, EMT's, Paramedic's, LVN's, Dentist's, Nurses, Respiratory Therapist, etc. All must have a valid certificate.

Q. Do you offer a CPR class in Spanish?
A. Yes, if you need a class in Spanish you would need to schedule a class in advance.

Q. Where can I register for a class?
A. You can register online  or you can also call us at 909-728-2512  so we can add your 
name to the calendar for the date and time you wish to come in.

Q. What's the most current schedule available?
A. The most current CPR classes available you will find on the 
Schedule page, you can see the 
calendar for the most current schedule.

Q. Can a class be cancelled?
A. Yes and No. We can cancel classes without any notice; this is due mainly because of people not singing in for classes on-time. Only for customers who have paid in advance for a class can avoid such cancellations.

Q. If I don’t show up or cancel my class with would I get my money back?
A. No, please read our 
policy page for further information. In order to receive a full refund YOU "MUST" cancel 72 hours BEFORE the class, if you do not cancel 72 hours before your  class you waive your right to receive a full refund. All cancellation request must be in writing through email : BLSCPREXPRESS@GMAIL.COM

NOTE: By signing up within 72 hours of a class you automatically waive your right to receive a full refund.
***By signing up online you acknowledge, agree to, and accept the terms of BLS EXPRESS CPR  Policy,

Q. I paid and forgot I had scheduled a class for today, can I reschedule the class for another day?
A. Yes, we would let you reschedule your class for another day (Fees may apply). As long as there is a class on the day you want to reschedule. Please note that rescheduling a class is subject to cancellation without any notice.
 Request must in writing by email. No request by phone will be accepted.

Q. How can I reschedule a class that I paid and forgot to attended?
A. To reschedule a class that you paid for and missed you will need to write a request via email to 
BLSCPREXPRESS@GMAIL.COM. In that email you will need to let us know the date and time you would like to reschedule the class for. If the day is open and available we will let you know via email. We will let you reschedule at no extra charge the first time you missed the class. Please note that rescheduling a class is subject to cancellation without any notice. If you miss the class again for the second time there will be a $20 mandatory rescheduling fee. If you miss the class for the second time you will need to pay in full the amount of the class. NO EXCEPTIONS to any of these rules. All request MUST be in writing through email, no request over the phone will be accepted. All Requests MUST be submitted within five business day after the original scheduled class. The class can be rescheduled up to but no more than 21 days including weekends and holidays from the original date of the class.

Q. What time do the doors open for class?
A. We open the doors at the exact time of the class. Please be patient when you arrive.

Q. Do you accept walk-ins?
A. Yes, only if there is space available. To secure a place in the class you would need to register in advance and/or have paid in advance online.

Q. I can’t take one of your schedule classes because of my work schedule, what can I do?
A. You can call us at 909-728-2512or email us to schedule an appointment for a class. Extra fees may 

Q. We can’t come to your Training Site; can the Training Site come to us?
A. Yes, there is a minimum of 2-27 people per group depending on the location.

Q. There is only one person taking the class; can you still to teach the class at your site or can you come to my location?
A. Yes, if the class is paid in advance and if our class is open. For on-site classes, payment must be submitted online in advance with an additional on-site fees.

Q. Can you refuse the service to anyone?
A. Yes, we have the right to refuse service to anyone. If someone is intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, presents with bad personal hygiene, has aggressive or bad behavior they will be ask to leave immediately.

Q. I took your class and I already lost the card, what can I do?
A. We do  keep EVERY copies of your certificate.  COPY of your card in your email is FREE . PLEASE HAVE PATIENTS WHEN WE SAY WILL EMAIL YOU END OF THE DAY  To replace a lost, damage or stolen card the cost is  $20.00.

Q. Where can I purchase a book from AHA?
A. IF you pay online for the book we will have it for you in the class room or You can go online to and purchase books online.

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