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The Best ==>CPR Classes<== & CPR Training In Southern ... Riverside County and San Bernardino County ...==>Basic life support (BLS) <== is the level of medical care   First Aid  CPR Classes, BLS, Healthcare Provider, CPR and More, Healthcare. Rancho Cucamo

BLS Express CPR

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Established with the intention of providing the best safety education and training for the handling of injuries with the skill of learning First Aid, Choking and Cardiac events (CPR)
Our Instructors Team is highly healthcare provider professional with  National EMT Certified and Nurses with real life examples brought into the class room setting, along with assistance in job placement for students wanting to pursue a career in healthcare with the goal to introduce healthcare products to our students/professionals working in the medical arena and public environment. We ensure our students learn the updated Techniques available. 

Providing Great service since 2009; over Southern California. Our main focus is on providing knowledge and skills that are in compliance with the Current guideline of the American Heart Association (AHA). We guarantee the highest level of customer service through online classes, instruction and training in person; one on one or big groups.
Our Students/professorial include but are not limited to medical offices, outpatient clinics, surgery centers, dental offices, fitness centers, extended care facilities, small business venues, corporations, educational institutions, the community and more!

(BLS EXPRESS CPR) text or call 909-728-2512

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